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How is my price determined?

Our pricing is the one of the best in the industry, and we are proud to offer affordable custom apparel that are very high quality! Your price depends on the quantity , Models or Service are you needing, but do not worry because in all the services and products that we sell, we match any price of our competitors.


If the unit shows evidence of having been tampered with (broken seal) or shows evidence of being damaged as a result of corrosion, heat, moisture, vibration, improper specification, misapplication, misuse, abuse or other operating conditions outside of Guerra’s Enterprises INC control.


We offer a 30 day warranty in all service and product, all time the warranty only cover factory defect, against defects not including physical or liquid damage or bad manipulations. in the repairs service all repairs have warranty stickers placed on the inside, if these are removed the warranty is void.

Received Wrong Item > Not as Described?

We’re humans and we intermittently commit mistakes but we are keen to correct them,  in a way that the buyer prefers. If the item received was wrong or not the same as shown in the product listing, we will require you to send actual photo/s of the item received along with its packaging (showing the label on the package). This is our SOP, for us to be certain and for record purposes

Guerra's Enterprises INC is responsible or liable for loss or resulting damage due to carrier's negligence or theft ?

For any devices or products sent to, or received from, Guerra’s Enterprises INC that are damaged, lost, or stolen by carrier in transit to Customer, an insurance claim must be submitted to the carrier, not to Guerra’s Enterprises INC. Guerra’s Enterprises INC is not responsible or liable for loss or resulting damage due to carrier’s negligence or theft. Delivery times are estimates only and Guerra’s Enterprises INC shall not be liable for transit delays.

DOA / Damaged on Arrival?

We make sure our items are properly packaged before shipping to avoid damages on the item. In case you received a damaged item, which might have been caused during shipping, please provide us photos of the item received along with its packaging (showing the label on the package) for us to check and report immediately to our shipping department so they can take further action.

Cancelled Transactions?

We can cancel transactions, just let us know so we can process it immediately. We might provide an RMA number or further instructions if in case the item was already shipped.  

Defective / Incompatible?

We get our items in bulk so there is a little chance that some would be defective. We might require you to send us photo/s of the item received and also your original item so we can compare and conduct necessary actions. If you feel like you need to return an item, please let us know the REASON so that we can provide an RMA Number if needed. 

Change Address?

Orders are being processed after receive the payment, we are open Monday to Saturday. 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, We are closed in holidays  If you request to change your address, please let us know ahead of time. Otherwise, your order will be shipped to the address that you provided in your eBay/PayPal Record.

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